Before diving into deep, our organization wants to apprise you that Since 1967 Jindal’s is one of the prominent manufacturers of Servo Voltage Stabilizer,Transformer & Silicon-Power Rectifiers. Jindal’s Automatic Voltage Controller has been helping the industry from overcoming the problem of voltage fluctuation & equipment failure since the last four decades.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer’s Overview

The main phenomenon of Servo Voltage Stabilizer is to maintain your voltage variation and provide a constant voltage for equipment to the accuracy of ± 0.5 to 1.0 %. 

  1. Unbalanced Voltage: Generally, This type of problem is faced by industries due to a common transformer from where multiple consumers are drawn power.
  2. High Voltage or Surges: Surges might be generated by disconnection of large loads, increase the voltage at generating plant, atmospheric events, units located close to start a supply line, etc.
  3. Low voltage Or Sags: It may be caused due to undersized distribution lines, a connection of large loads to the network, ground faults, units located towards the end of a long supply line, etc.
The occurrence of the above phenomenon depends on the cause and is not easily predictable. Broadly, voltage is low during day time and high during the night hours. moreover, on holiday peak hours, rainy days and when the commercial/agricultural load is switched off, the voltage rises quite sharply.

Importance of Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Let’s draw an analogy of a human body. Our body needs to maintain a constant temperature of 98.4 F to work effectively. Even a minor increase or decrease in body temperature can lead to further deterioration of one or more body parts.

Similarly, most Electrical types of equipment require a constant voltage supply of 400v to last longer & run efficiently. Electric motors draw considerably high at high/Low voltage, causing excessive power losses and resulting in their premature failure. Similarly, Bulbs/Tubes/luminaries could consume up to 40% more power at high voltage and may last for a mere 10% of their normal life.

Advantages of Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Specification Of Servo Voltage Stabilizer

JINDAL’S AVC is available in a wide range & various models. Besides, we also manufacture bespoke designs as per specific customer requirements. The standard models conform to the following specifications:
Capacity30 kVA to 5000 kVA
TechnologyLinear Type On-Load Voltage Regulators with Stepless Regulation
(also referred to as Vertical Rolling Contact or Columnar Design)
Control ModuleMicroprocessor-based
Frequency50 / 60 Hz ± 5%
TypeBalanced (Common Control for all three phases.
Suited for Balanced input supply & up to 40 % Unbalanced load)Unbalanced (Individual Phase Control. Suited For unbalanced input supply and unbalanced load)
Load VariationAdmitted from 0 to 100%
InstallationIndoor / Outdoor as per site requirement
CoreCRGO Lamination Best Grade
CopperElectrolytic Grade (99.97% Pure)
CoolingNatural Oil-Cooled, ONAN (Available in all models)
Air-Cooled, Natural / Forced (available in select models)
Output Voltage400V ± 1% (Ph – Ph) / 230V ± 1% (Ph – N)
Input Voltage
350 – 450V340 – 460V330 – 470V320 – 480V300 – 500V
 *(wide & asymmetrical ranges are manufactured on order)
~ 99.5%> 99%~ 99%~ 98.5%> 98%
Duty Cycle / LifeDesigned for 100 % Continuous Duty Cycle &
for a life of 18 – 20 years at extreme conditions
Response TimeLess than 10 milliseconds
Correction Rate6 – 15  Volts / second (up to 500 kVA) and 3 – 8 Volts / second (above 500 kVA)
Waveform DistortionVirtually Nil
Ambient Temperature-10 to +45 °C
MountingOn Unidirectional Wheels
TerminationAluminum Bus – Bars provided for Input & Output in a common junction box
Optional FeaturesHigh / Low / Over Load / Single Phase Preventer / Short Circuit / Surge Suppressor / Bypass As on Request

Demand Of Automatic Voltage Controller.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer/Automatic Voltage Controller is highly recommended in the following industry:-

Mines & CollieriesCement PlantsFlour MillsRice Shellers
Hotels & RestaurantsFood Processing unitsPharmaceutical UnitsEngineering Products
Hsopitals & ClinicsTea & Coffee EstatesPaper MillsCold Storages
Oil PlantsRubber IndustriesTextile MillsWarehouses
Rolling MillsPlastic MouldingHigh Rise BuildingsLeather & Footwear
Vineyards & Poultry FarmsSponge Iron UnitsBreweries & BeveragesShowrooms
Schools & CollegesOffices & ResidencesShopping MallsAny kind of manufacturing

Demand Of Automatic Voltage Controller.

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When you choose JINDAL’S, you are assured of impeccable quality, durability, best-in-class efficiency, extra-long life, and trouble-free performance for years, in other words – Lowest Total Cost of Ownership. We ensure that your investment in our products works round the clock & pays you back many times over!


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