Greaves Power

Greaves Power

India’s First Smart Genset Series with Free 5 Year Warranty on Complete Genset

Data Reliability

Zero data loss through specially designed high speed data analysis platform enabling rapid data gathering & transmission

Know the cost of per unit electricity generated. High savings guaranteed with tighter control on fuel top-ups and increased DG Set uptime.


Anytime, Anywhere Access

Lets you see critical parameters in real time through a convenient dashboard.

Upto 30% More Life

Proactive services* via timely maintenance reminders.

Increased Uptime

Predictive maintenance through exhaustive data analytics and best in class MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)

All-Round Protection

Alerts for DG Set overload or any unruly vital health parameters of DG set.

Easy Upgrade

Upgrade any old Greaves DG Set to Genius DG set easily

Pilferage Protection

Alerts for low fuel, fuel filling or theft