ATS ELGI Plastic Welding Set is a unique solution for the welding of plastics. The main focus is to have a simple method for the welding of plastics. All thermoplastics can be welded with this set. It starts with the welding tool which has two selections in regards to the temperature needed. Level one has 250 deg. and level 2 has 350 deg. depending on the plastic to weld and also to the wished speed of welding. Depending on the application there is a selection of welding tips to choose. The PT Wide Welding Tip can be used for most applications. A unique and patented solution is the V groove on the bottom of the tool. The V groove opens up the plastic and brings the material up to the welding temperature. The plastic strips can be inserted into the hole of the tip. The PT Wide Welding Tip is used with the flat welding rod. Its unique shape guarantees a solid connection. This welding rod covers 70% of the plastics. With the strip you can weld cracks, rips and holders as well as holes in plastics.

If you are not sure which plastic you have, take our Plastic Cutter to cut out a small piece from the damaged plastic to use for repair. You have a selection of three welding tips. One is the PT Double Side Welding Tip, then you have the PT Single Side Welding Tip and also the PT Corner Welding Tip for the angled parts.

Next to this you have the ability to do the Dom welding. Our set meets the greater demand for the Dom welding on the new plastic parts. We offer a selection of three Dom welding tips: the standard size (PT Dom Welding Tip), the small size (PT Small Dom Welding Tip) and also the PT Flat Dom Welding Tip for the straight Doms.

The Plastic Welding Set is easy to use and will speed up the time to complete plastic repairs.

Features & Benefits


Power Supply230 v, 50Hz
Amperes5 – 16 amps
Weight5 kg


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