IREM is one of the global leaders in the area of Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer with successful installations all across the European, African and Asian continent. To expand their footprints in India they have entered into a manufacturing collaboration with JINDAL’S of India which in pioneer in the field of Linear type Automatic Voltage Controllers for their Air Cooled Automatic Voltage Controllers.Now for the first time in India Air Cooled AVC’s will be available up to a capacity of 5000 KVA. These Air Cooled AVC’s are an Ideal Choice for Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Movie Halls, Data Centers, Commercial Offices & Buildings, BPO Centers, Industrial Units etc., in compliance with Stringent Government Regulations esp. for Basement & Indoor installations.


IREM is a leading company in the manufacture of electromechanical and electronic equipment for the control of the mains power in the following sectors:

Since its foundation in 1947, IREM has gained wide recognition due to the reliability and innovative content of its high-tech products. Two production plants, a philosophy based on “quality upgrading” as the company’s primary concern and direct export exceeding 50% of the global turnover are a warranty of continuity and development. In 1993 due to vast experience, quality and professional skill, IREM also achieved a certification of its quality system in compliance with UNIEN ISO 9001 standard, a further confirmation of IREM commitment to constant improvement to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the customer and its capacity to guarantee a constant quality standard, a precision and repeatability of all working processes, dropping of acceptance control at the customer’s plant as well as identification and traceability of a product through the years. In year 2000, IREM obtained the certification of its environment management system according to UNI EN ISO 14001 standard. This certification is a firm demonstration of the company’s will to protect the environment not just through its products, but also via its precise patterns of behavior


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