Computerized Lube Management System


CLMS is electronically controlled intelligent modular unit, provides precise metering and dispensing of oil for automotive and industrial application. The meter module provides fast response to electronic commands and ensures precisely controlled preset dispensed volume. The modular design facilitates integration into new or existing workshops, which increases efficiency and productivity of the service station.

Model: Oil Management System


Suitable for all passenger car segments , commercial vehicles , industries and mining segment

Features & Benefits


Oil pump1:3 ratio
Max free flow delivery35 LPM
Pump operating pressure3 – 10 Bar
Power supply230 V 50 Hz supply
Hose reel length10 M , 15 M
Hose reel OD18 mm
Hose reel ID12.5 mm
Hose reel max pressure100 bar
Weight hose reel 10 M12.6 Kg
Weight hose reel 15 M14.9 Kg
Flow rate of the pulse meter2 to 30 LPM
Oil control nozzle work pressure70 Bar


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