Effluent treatment plant, also known as ETP is a waste water treatment process (WWTP) that is used to treat waste water. ATS ELGI ETP Plays a significant role in the treatment of vehicles washing waste water. Organic matter, inorganic matters, heavy metals, oil grease, suspended particles and other contaminants are treated in the waste water treatment process of ETP Plant.

Model :2W ETP

Working Principles

After wash, the dirty water along with all suspended solids like mud, oil, grease, papers, etc. is led to an underground tank.

Over a period of time, the solids partially settle down at the base, and the oil which is floating on top of the water is separated by using the density difference method. A 1” PVC pipe with an elbow is placed at 1 foot from the upper level. As a result, oil, grease, and other unwanted floating liquids are arrested in tank no 1.

Only water along with suspended solids flows to tank no. 2 where the water is dosed with micro flock. As a result, the solids of size 200 microns and above again settle down at the base.

The water will then flow to tank no. 3 and 4 where further minute particles settle down. The four stage filtration is as follows:

Tower 1: SBF

  • Sand Filter works on the process of Filtration where wash water containing suspended matter is passed through three layers of filtering medium to effectively remove the suspended matter in liquid. In this filter TSS will be removed.


Tower 2: ACF

  • Carbon fliter works on the process of Adsorption.
  • Carbon filter uses activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities, utilizing chemical adsorption. This carbon is activated with a positive charge and is designed to attract negatively charged water contaminants. Thereby dissolved organic matter and color are adsorbed.
  • In this filter COD,BOD, Oil & Grease,Colour & Odour are removed.


Tower 3: Pre Filter

  • The outlet water of ACF is fed to oil adsorption filter to arrest the carryover of TSS from SBF and ACF to the extent of 25 micron and adsorbs traces of oil and grease if any.


Tower 4: Fine Filter

  • Finally water is passed through fine filter, 1 micron, which delivers pure clean water suitable for washing of vehicles, gardening, agriculture, toilet flushing etc

Features & Benefits


Electrical230 V (± 20%) 50 HZ
Flow rate1000 LHP
Suction tubing4/6 mm
Discharge tubing4/6 mm
Dosing rate6 mph at 4 Kg/cm²
Strokes / minuteMax:400 Min:50
Fuse600 mA
Level switch interlockNormally open
Relay outputNormally open. Closes in case the pump


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